“Warriors: Alone, one might make a difference. Together, we can change the world.”


Fact: Once just 10% of a population unite to a common vision, that vision hits a tipping point and explodes into a movement capable of swaying and reforming an entire nation. 


In this way, The Cedar Gate seeks to empower select Kingdom endeavors to explode their growth and extend their reach. This means linking arms with strategic partners who use The Cedar Gate for specific Kingdom events and programs, as well as leading the way in rallying the Kingdom around specific visions and movements. Meet our partners and explore campaigns below, and listen to the Spirit within you as you consider them and how you might become involved or partner with them as well.


Defining, developing, and delivering intentional culture in and through your workspace.


Men need to be better: better husbands, better fathers, better men. We will facilitate the sharing of experiences to promote a deeper, more fulfilling life that can only be found in Jesus Christ – the ultimate man.


A Christian nonprofit organization committed to inspiring men to increase their fitness levels and embrace a special forces lifestyle for Jesus Christ.


Walking with families to help them define an intentional direction, vision, and mission, together.


Fellowship of the Sword serves the church by facilitating catalytic encounters that Uncover Truth, Unlock Identity, and Unleash Passion.


Empowering employers to connect with employees.


Leadership, character, and relationship training from the heart of a horse.


When you join The Signatry, you unite with a synthesis of Jesus-loving financial and legal professionals so that together, we can use our skills and resources to fund the Great Commission by empowering ministries.


We exist to ignite and unite followers of Jesus to become the extravagant hope to our city, equipping and deploying Christian leaders to become agents of transformation to every sphere of culture.