A message from Brian & Marla Hill,

 Prayer Service co-chairs, co-founders of The Cedar Gate

"We believe that God has placed us right here, right now, for a very specific purpose. We believe that we have the opportunity of our life-time if we will accept the responsibility to lead the change! What happens in the next four years in our state –– and our nation –– determines the future for generations. Let’s not regret passivity. Oklahoma has voted in a man who is called by God to turn our state towards its potential. Through his faith and trust in God, our governor-elect, Kevin Stitt, is performing an act of prayer, faith, and hope for Oklahoma as his first official act of business as the Governor of Oklahoma. 

Join us! 


January 15, 


at the First Baptist Church in Moore

Let’s get involved.  

Let’s get behind the vision of Governor Kevin Stitt.  

 God promises to raise up the humble and de-base the proud. He tells us that if we will humble ourselves and pray, that He will heal our land (2 Chronicles 7:14). The humble recognize where the credit and glory belong –– that it is all God –– but the proud want to take credit and glory upon themselves. Governor Stitt starts every day in prayer for wisdom and direction for his family, business, and leadership. He wants his very first action step as Oklahoma’s governor, to be a humble act of prayer and giving credit, honor and glory to God—where it belongs.  


Let’s get behind Governor Stitt and his plans for Oklahoma’s Turn Around. 


Let's get behind him as a united-collective voice of the people and lead this faith-based change.


Our weapons of humble prayer release God’s promises and guarantees hope for our land, for generations. Don’t miss this opportunity to get involved from the beginning! Attend this gubernatorial prayer service of Hope! 

Please RSVP at https://www.oklahomaturnaround.com/inaugural-prayer-serviceoklahoma-city/. Seating is limited to the live event by first come first serve. Other churches stand ready to open their doors for simulcast of the live event once the Moore location is booked! Let’s pack churches!

Commit to be a prayer partner, but even more, be an ambassador and invite others to come and be an active participant.  

Let’s send our state,and nation, a message —that we are still a people of faith trusting in God!"

Brian and Marla Hill

Prayer Service Co-Chairs