has been married twenty-five years to the love his life, Marla Hill, and couldn't be more proud of his five children: Holden (20), Heston (18), Brianna (16), Brayden (14), and Sienna (10).


Brian is the co-founder and president of The Cedar Gate, Works24, and Hill Family Farms. He is on the board of Governor Stitt's transition team, Signatry Foundation, Family ID, and SOULCON Ministries, and he is the leader of Craig and Amy Groeschel's Life Group.


Brian believes that "We don't just go to church, we are the church." He sees that every Christian business leader is a pastor in disguise, and that every business owned by a Christian is a church in disguise. He believes that God hasn't given us our influence to us for our plans, but has entrusted it to us for his plan. He wants to help people discover their God-given purpose and help them communicate it to the world. And for Brian personally, that starts with his family –– his first and most important responsibility of stewardship. 


Has been married twenty-five years to the man of her dreams, Brian Hill. She is proud to be the mother of five anointed World Changers: Holden (25), Heston (18), Brianna (16), Brayden (14), and Sienna (10).

Marla is the co-Founder and President of The Cedar Gate, Works24, and Hill Family Farms. She is co-Chair of the 2019 Oklahoma Inaugural Prayer Service for Governor Stitt, a leader in Craig and Amy Groeschel's Life Group, and a natural health enthusiast.

Marla is passionate about calling Christian business leaders into intentional stewardship of their influence in the marketplace and government. She believes intentional vision plus intentional culture equals a positive turnaround.